Protect: Before, During, After

Education, Advocacy, Awareness

Why "silent no more"? 

Because healthcare workers have been living in a culture of acceptance. Assault in the workplace has been so normalized that we don't talk about it anymore. Some studies indicate that 80-90% of healthcare workers have been assaulted, or witnessed assault, but we have a 20% reporting rate.

It is time to be silent no more.


Not just prevention of assault. Prevention of retaliation, too. OSHA has designed workplace violence prevention plans specifically for healthcare, yet many facilities fail to adopt even the most basic measures. What's worse, many healthcare workers fear retaliation if they choose to report their assaults to law enforcement.


We are moving from state to state to get basic legal protections for healthcare workers. What we propose:

1. Assault against a healthcare worker must be a felony.

2. No less than two law enforcement officers must be present with offenders.

3. Facilities must provide locator badges with panic buttons so that victims can signal for help.

4. There must be anti-retaliation protections in place so that healthcare workers may receive the same basic rights as any other person assaulted: the right to report to law enforcement.