Our Story

It began in Illinois.

In May of 2017, a tragedy happened at Delnor Community Hospital in Geneva, Illinois. An inmate was being treated for several days, much of those days without restraints, and only one corrections officer assigned to him. On May 13, 2017, the inmate took advantage of this situation. He retrieved the CO's gun, entered a nurse's office, and took that nurse hostage. 

A second nurse intervened. She was taken at gunpoint to another area of the hospital, then beaten and raped for 3-4 hours. SWAT was then able to shoot through the nurse and hit the inmate, fatally wounding him. 

No one knew that this happened. It was only briefly mentioned in the media. The media reported this situation, afterward stating that no one had been harmed, and that the situation was resolved. It was a blip in the day, and most people didn't even notice.

No more will we be silent.

In the weeks following this story, the details were released. An anger spread through the medical world. This horrible and senseless event was a harsh display of what many had already observed: violence happens in healthcare settings every day, but no one talks about it. We are so used to it, that it somehow has become normalized. This is not okay!

Studies report being victim to or witnessing non-fatal workplace violence in healthcare at rates higher than any other industry. This includes law enforcement. Our current reporting rate of incidents sits at a staggeringly low 20%. Whether we have decided this is "just part of the job", or we fear retaliation by employers who coerce us to not report, we are silent. 

No more. This cannot continue. 

About Silent No More Foundation

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